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Resources By State

To find out more about the state-specific resources available on groundwater, click on the map, or follow the links to international and general resources.

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Case Studies
CS8 - Groundwater and the dreamtime
Provides a summary of the importance of storytelling to aboriginal people as a means of sharing knowledge. This summary has a specific focus on water resources, including groundwater.
Download (pdf, 397kb)
CS37 - Groundwater and the Dreamtime
Describes the story of 3 brothers who came from over the sea to populate our country.
Download (pdf, 323kb)
Geoscience Australia - Scientific Topics
Tap in to the national geoscience provider! Check out the section on groundwater with good general information across the country.
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YouTube - groundwater
Search "groundwater" and you will get lots of hits! There are lots of great overviews of international groundwater issues, as well as some basic groundwater presentation and animations. The videos by IGRACmovies provide overviews of international issues in groundwater.
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The Groundwater Foundation
A US based organisation promoting understanding on the use and protection of groundwater which has a list of information resources. There are sections on groundwater for students and teachers, tailored to the US system, but nonetheless, really good exercises and activities. Pick and choose additional items to build on the "Wet Rocks" content.
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BrainPOP - Earth System
US web site with animated movies and interactive quizzes covering English, Maths, Science, Social Studies, Health, and Technology. Includes a section on groundwater. It requires you to subscribe.
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The World Bank - Groundwater
Gives the big picture on a range of international issues. Good for giving an overview of international issues and programs.
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US Environmental Protection Agency
Within this large site there are site has games, activities and experiments, some of which are related to groundwater. Search on groundwater on the EPA site to find many information items and reference to legislation and management of groundwater in the USA.
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US Geological Survey - Water Science for Schools
This site has information on many aspects of water including groundwater, along with pictures, data, maps, and an interactive centre where you can test your water knowledge.
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UC San Diego - Earthguide
US interactive, educational resource about Earth, oceans and the environment. Includes a section on groundwater with a short animation to help explain the role of groundwater in the water cycle.
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National Centre for Groundwater Research&Training
The National Centre for Groundwater Research and Training is the peak research body into groundwater in Australia. It operates in every state, and has a range of studies underway.
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Professional Development - Powerpoint Presentation
This is the .pdf of the powerpoint presentation (with notes) that is used in the professional development training programs. It provides the basic knowledge that underpins the material on the Wet Rocks site.
Download (pdf, 11.6mb)
Geoscience Pathways
This is great web site that provides teaching resources for earth science subjects. The TESEP uses this site to share resources from its professional development programme.
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Tectonic Island Game - Background
This is a .pdf of a powerpoint of the groundwater concepts behind the Tectonic Island game, and suggested ways it can be used in the class room.
Download (pdf, 2.5mb)
Professional Development (.ppt)
Powerpoint presentation of professional development material
Download (ppt, 6.2mb)
Botany Sands Case Study Powerpoint (.ppt)
This presentation supports the Botany Sand Case Study (.pdf)
Download (ppt, 6.6mb)
Using Tectonic Island in the classroom (.ppt)
This powerpoint provides ideas on how the "Tectonic Island" game can be used in the class room.
Download (ppt, 3.3mb)
Using Gnasty Gnomes in the classroom (.ppt)
Here are some ideas on how "Gnasty Gnomes" can be used in the classroom.
Download (ppt, 1.8mb)

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